Chick Brooder Kit

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We have put a complete chick  kit together saving you 10% on the full price.  All the items are also available to buy individually in the shop.

We can often supply sexed day old hybrid chicks, and sometimes unsexed pure breed chicks if required.

Included in the kit is:

* Large Zoozone brooder cage - We use these cages here as they offer excellent draught and predator protection but still give plenty of ventilation through the open top.  They offer natural light and easy viewing of your chicks!. They are the large size, so plenty of room fro growing chicks - 100cm x 51cm x 37cm.

* 25cm x 25cm Electric hen - Again, these are what we use for raising chicks and we feel they are far better than traditional heat lamp and bulb systems.  They offer a natural way of rearing, with the chick returning to the 'hen' for heat when they need it, no stressful 24 hour light that can cause behaviour problems, no need to regularly replace expensive bulbs and very cheap to run (only 15w compared with a 200w bulb in a traditional heat lamp).

* 5kg Versele Laga chick mash or crumb - A very high quality feed to give your chicks a great start to life.

* 1kg and 1 litre drinker - Perfect size for chicks, and not too large for the brooder house.  These also have a handle on the top, so as the chicks grow you can hang them from the roof bars of the brooder cage to stop any waste.

* Compressed bag of dust extracted shavings - Perfect to use with your chicks from around the 3rd day when they are eating and drinking.  Prior to this use a non slip surface (e.g. an old teatowel) until their legs have strengthened.

* The Poultry Handbook - An essential guide for all chicken owners with a great section on caring for chicks.