Battles Louse Powder - 750g

£ 13.50 each


Battles Louse Powder is a ready to use insecticidal powder. It contains a permethrin based powder of low
mammalian toxicity, combing rapid knockdown and kill with sustained residual activity.

Use Battles Louse Powder for the control of pests such as fleas and lice, earwigs and other bristle tails, mites, ticks, book lice,cockroaches, beetles, moth larvae, silverfish, fleas, lice, bed bugs and ants. Battles Louse Powder also controls wood lice and Wasps by treating in and around nests.

Apply Battles Louse Powder directly from the container as a fine dust to surfaces and use in the following situations: poultry houses, pet shops, domestic pets, veterinary practices, animal houses etc. Apply the powder to nest boxes, dust baths, rugs, bedding, etc.

Apply as required and re-treat as necessary. Do not apply directly to animals.