Woodchips for Outdoor Runs

£ 8.95 each


70 litre sack of high quality, bark free wood chips.  These woodchips make an ideal base for your chickens outdoor run.  They help prevent the run becoming muddy and give your chickens entertainment by giving them a surface to scratch in.

For a long lasting surface lay the woodchips on top of our polypropylene weed mat (if your ground is free draining) and turf protector.  The turf protector will stop your chickens scratching up the mud below and prevent the woodchips sinking into the ground below.

Depending on the size of your run and quantity of chickens the woodchips may need changing once or twice a year.  Between changing the woodchips they can be kept hygienic and odour free by sprinkling with Stalosan powdered disinfectant.  Please see our Mud Management information page for more details.

A 70 litre sack will cover approximately 1 square metre. These are large chips of wood which are ideal for outdoor use - small/fine woodchips will simply mulch down.

Unfortunately due to the weight and bulk of the sacks, they are expensive to ship.  Larger quantities can be shipped on a pallet - please contact us for a quotation.