Stalosan F Powdered Disinfectant - 3kg

£ 10.95 each


Stalosan F is a safe, non-toxic powder, applied to animal housing, to help prevent infection and help improve the environment around animals in order to optimize health, growth and feed utilization.
Stalosan F is economical and easy to use; animals do not have to be removed during application.

Usage Directions:

    50 grams per square metre
    4.6 grams per square foot;
    1.6 oz. per 10.5 square feet
    1 lb. per 100 sq. ft. ~ All are comparable measure

Initial Application: Use StalosanF at 4.6 grams/sq.ft. daily for the first three days, and then apply once per week. Where a serious problem exists, StaIosan@F can be applied more frequently.
Typical Application With Bedding:

Strip bedding and clean area.
Apply StalosanF on the floor surface according to the required amount per surface area. Spread onto wet and damp areas and along the edges.
Add bedding.
Apply StalosanF on top of the bedding.
Apply StalosanF on top of the bedding for the next three consecutive days.
Apply StalosanF on top of the bedding once per week.

Please note:  When ordering for delivery rather than collection, the powder will be sent in strong clear bags rather than tubs as tubs are very prone to damage in transit.