Omlet Go Starter Kit

£ 389.00 each


A choice of kits free with every Omlet Go and run purchased.  Select one from the two options below:

Omlet Go with 2 metre run which includes an Omlet feeder, drinker, sunshade and eggboxes, plus either:


2 free hybrid hens from our £17 range.

5 kg's Versele Laga Layers pellets of mash.

1kg Back mixed grit, oyster shell and minerals.

1 small grit pot.



4kg bag of Versele Laga mixed corn

Large tub of mealworms

3.5kg Deluxe mixed grit, oyster shell and minerals

Nettex Louse powder

Nettex House cleaner/red mite spray


For collection only. We usually have houses in stock to collect but please telephone ahead as stock changes daily.