Omlet Eglu Go with 2 metre run

£ 360.00 each



If you are looking for a no-maintenance housing option, easy to treat for red mite and long lasting then the Omlet Go is the perfect choice.

We have the Go set up and in use here, so please feel free to pop in and have a look.

If you would like to collect a Go please telephone ahead to check availability as stock changes daily.


The Eglu Go has a single large door at the back, opened by turning a large knob to reveal the roosting bars, nesting area and droppings tray. The chickens perch on the roosting bars at night and their droppings fall through onto the droppings tray. A couple of times a week you slide the tray out and this can then be simply emptied into the compost bin, wiped clean and replaced.  The roosting bars and egg tray also slide out to make collecting the eggs easy.


Good ventilation is critical with poultry, they need plenty of fresh air without being in a draught.  The Eglu Go has a double walled construction for insulation. It also has excellent draught free ventilation so your chickens will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


The new run design means you can now position the run door on the side as well as on the end. This is useful if you want to fit the Eglu Go into a spot where access to the end would be difficult. Available separately are run extensions to enlarge the standard run.

The run is made from strong steel weld mesh that will keep your hens safe. The dark green PPE coating is fused to the metal wires ensuring an extremely durable finish. Omlet's unique anti-tunnel skirt stops predators from tunnelling in.


Included with your Go is an Omlet feeder and drinker that fit onto the wire of the run, a shade to keep the sun off in the summer and the rain in the winter, eggboxes and a full instruction manual.

The Go comes boxed ready for easy assembly. 

We usually have Green Go's in stock to take away or can have one delivered direct to your door free of charge (free delivery excludes any starter kits). They are also available to order in purple & red.

If you purchase a new Omlet Go and Run it will come with one of two free Starter Kits:


2 free hybrid hens from our £17 range.

5 kg's Versele Laga Layers pellets of mash.

1kg Back mixed grit, oyster shell and minerals.

1 small grit pot.



4kg bag of Versele Laga mixed corn

Large tub of mealworms

3.5kg Deluxe mixed grit, oyster shell and minerals

Nettex Louse powder

Nettex House cleaner/red mite spray