Large Eco Hen House

£ 399.00 each


The Eco hen house is made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic and is sturdy and long lasting with no maintenance required.

This large house will take up to 12 average sized hybrids or 15 bantams and is fitted with 2 perches that run the length of the coop, are fully detatchable and made from recycled plastic which makes them simple to clean.

The ramp also acts as the door and is closed and locked with a very simple turn mechanism.  The rear of the house has a large access door for easy cleaning. The house comes with height adjustable legs and two nestboxes.

The internal floor space measures approximately 1038mm x 918mm or 0.95 square metres.

The house comes ready assembled and is usually in stock to collect (a small van would be required), local delivery is available, please contact us for prices.