Medium Greenfrog Chicken Lodge - Green

£ 360.00 each


Made from recycled food grade plastic these fantastic houses are easy to assemble and clean and require no maintenance.  Their smooth surfaces coupled with the ease of access to all surfaces makes them particularly redmite unfriendly.

The door is designed so that dirt will not become trapped in the door slots and can be easily opened and closed.  Access to the birds and to clean the house is via a back door which is easily removable with a grab handle. Access to the nesting boxes is quick and easy – just remove two quick release pins. Nest box lids can be completely removed for cleaning by undoing two more quick release pins. Perches are fully removable for cleaning.

The house is raised up off the ground to provide a sheltered area for the chickens as well as preventing any hiding places for vermin.

Permanent ventilation is provided under the roof, and it also has a fully adjustable circular vent. Even though the sides are made from black plastic, the house remains surprisingly cool, even in strong, direct summer sunlight.

Suitable for up to 4 large fowl or 7 bantams.  A great design that is raised up off the ground to give your hens a dry area to shelter below the house.  If you need to contain your hens in a run, you could consider Omlet netting or our electric fence kits which work really well with these houses. Alternatively we supply walk in runs designed to fit the house perfectly.

Overall Dimensions: 106 (w) x 100 (h) x 137 (d) cm (including ramp, roof overhang and nest boxes)
House Dimensions: 78 (w) x 78 (h) x 100 (d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)
Internal Floorspace: 59 (w) x 80 (d) cm (excluding nest boxes)
Perches: 2 perches, each 59cm usable length

All are able to have automatic door openers fitted to the pop hole at an additonal cost of £99.

Usually in stock to take away in green - yellow and blue available to order.  These houses can be unclipped and laid flat in minutes making transport easy. Alternatively free delivery is available direct to your door.