20kg ECAF Premium Layers Pellets

£ 7.50 each


These are a higher quality budget feed for laying chickens.  The grain used in ECAS feeds is sourced locally wherever possible, usually within a 20 mile radius of Worcester.


Composition: Wheat, soy bean meal, Calcium Carbonate, Wheatfeed pellets, soy oil.


Additives per kg: Vitamin A 6000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 3000 iu/kg


Trace Elements per kilo: Iron 10mg, Manganese 1mg, Zinc 80mg, Sodium Selenite 0.2mg, Copper 5mg.


Digestibility Enhancers: 6-Phytase 9000FTY/kg, Endo-1, 4 Beta-xylanase 1500EPU/kg.


Colourants: Lutein & Zeaxanthin,Citranaxanthin.


Antioxidiants: Ethoxyquin 0.4mg/kg, utylated hyoxyanisole 0.4mg/kg.



Analytical Constituents:

Crude Oil: 4%

Crude Protein: 17%

Crude Fibre: 2.9%

Crude Ash: 12.7%

Sodium: 1.4%

Lysine: 0.8%

Calcium: 4.0%

Methionine: 0.39%