Shaun drove to Belgium to collect our Malay Serama's which was really exciting.  We only managed to import 6 young chicks as it was very short notice when he went, and they were all that the breeder had available.  They are amazing little birds, quite different to the UK version and are happily living in a spare room in our house - they're too valuable to go outside so it looks like they will be house chickens!  

Talking of valuable poultry, there have also been a number of poultry thefts recently so we have to be careful.  We now have perimeter alarms around the whole property, but they took some adjusting as all the local wildlife kept tripping them and they give out a piercing alarm - we had a few sleepless nights until we got them set up correctly.  CCTV cameras are also up covering every inch of the property and they record remotely, it is fascinating to watch whats going on outside on my phone when I'm out or lying in bed - technology is amazing.  The cameras also came into their own when we sadly had a fox attack last week.  Fortunately he only got one cockerel who had decided to roost in a tree instead of the barn.  I scanned back through the footage and saw exactly where he arrived from and at what time, it was not pleasant watching but if he proves to be a problem we know his route and times.  The dogs had been going mad and I vaguely heard them barking in the barn so it was a very brave fox to come with them around.

The first group of hybrids should be in next Saturday so we are working all weekend and every night this week to get their pens back together in time.  I also have day old hybrid chicks arriving the following weekend to sell for anyone wanting sexed female day olds.  I'll be growing a lot of chicks on here so that anyone who wants younger birds than point of lay will be able to have some.  The pure breed chickens will start to be available just before Easter and we hope to be having a really good choice of breeds this year.



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