Hybrid chickens have been selling surprisingly well for the time of year and we are rapidly going through our winter birds.  They cost a fortune to keep through the winter and our feed and bedding bill has gone through the roof, but some are now laying so at least we have a few eggs to sell before they go to their new homes. A couple of my late hatches of pure breed chickens have just started laying which is quite early.  The French Wheaten Marans have started laying and the egg colour is great, really dark chestnut brown which I am pleased with.

My Serama chicken project is going well as I'm sure anyone who visits us will have noticed!  The Serama 'room' is growing rapidly and I have quite a lot of cages for them now.  I've been using extra, extra large dog crates on wheels to house them in over winter, and they have worked really well as I can wheel them outside on sunny or warm days which the birds love.  I have hopes of collecting some new breeding birds from Europe this year and am in the process of sorting this out.  The import paperwork involved isn't as bad as I expected, it'll be a lot of driving but should be worth it as they have some amazing Serama's in Europe from the original Malaysian lines.

Off now to unload 150 sacks of woodchip off the lorry by hand - the other project for this year is to buy a forklift!


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