Our pure and rare breed chickens have also proved popular this year.  I have expanded the breeds we hatch to include French Wheaten Marans which lay an amazing dark brown egg as well as the usual Pekins and Cream Legbars.  I brought some lovely Silver Laced Wyandottes from different breeders at the National Show in 2013 and had high hopes for breeding them this year but fertility has been very poor so may have to re-think them or try and source a new good quality cockerel which isn't easy - its a shame as they are so stunning and everyone loves them.  For next year I have some lovely Buff Plymouth Rocks, Welsummer and Light Sussex bantams to breed from which I'm sure will prove popular birds.  I am also hoping to stock the ever popular Buff Orpingtons - there seems to have been a shortage of them this year.

We've become stockists in our area of Heygates chicken feed recently and this is proving popular.  The Garvo chicken feed is always our best seller but we have found the Heygates to be a fantastic budget brand.  I have been doing some interesting experiments/taste tests with all the feeds we sell on our own birds and Garvo is still the top 'birds choice' but the Heygates is a clear second. The other advantage is Heygates also supply the layers feed pre-medicated with Flubenvet which we use here and sell.

The lifetime of free advice we offer with every chicken we have sold has proved invaluable, and just today I had a lovely lady ring for advice on a hen she brought from us 5 years ago.  Not only does it seem to be reassuring for customers when they buy, it is great for us to keep up to date with any issues and common questions people need to ask.  If we don't know the issues that occur over a chickens lifetime we can't work on sorting out a solution for the future.

The other fascinating thing is seeing the chickens come back to us over the years when owners use our chicken boarding service.  Its great to see birds we sold years ago coming back to stay for a few weeks annually.  I have learnt so much from these chickens, about their health and behaviour, any issues that can arise, how they are laying etc. I keep my chickens in a certain way, feed them certain food and seeing and learning from other people who do it differently is eye opening and informative.

I have lots of plans for 2015 - new breeds, chicken houses and products and will update here with what is going on.




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